BillShrink Calculates TCO for iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre & T-Mobile G1

If you live in the U.S., you’ve probably seen mentioned as a prominent part of some T-Mobile TV commercials. They have a blog item providing comparitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the big three (in mindshare) phones…

Total Cost of Ownership: iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre vs. Android G1

It is no surprise that the iPhone 3G S and AT&T Wireless team is has the highest (worst) TCO of the three. But, I was very surprised that the Palm Pre and Sprint PCS combo has, by far, the best TCO over a 24 month (contract) period. Of course, as we all know, TCO is just part of the story and doesn’t provide a measure of the true value of a product from its owner’s point of view.

FYI: I spoke with BillShrink’s CEO Peter Pham back in February. (Podcast 17). You can listen to that conversation using the embedded podcast player above.