Bills Safety Giving Away Two Free Super Bowl Tickets…or Is He?

The ability to backpedal is a key skill in the arsenal of a National Football League safety, both on the field and on Twitter.

Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner offered two free Super Bowl tickets if he could raise his followers count to 10,000, with a tweet that read:

Giving away the 2 tixs….SUPERBOWL TIXS!!!!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!!! Follow to win!

However, there was a catch: reported that once Whitner reached 10,000 followers, Twitter users would have to guess the exact scores of the championship games of both conferences to be eligible, and Whitner ended up tweeting:

There’s plently of people that were “close” some almost dead on. But I never said close I said guess the scores….it was fair!

Fans (or ex-fans, as it may be) apparently noticed, as Whitner was down to 9,848 followers at the time of this posting.

And Whitner apparently noticed the post on, tweeting:

@Profootballtalk yall suck….my followers are here to stay…..chumps!

Athletes and Twitter controversies…it never ends.