– The House Rules Go Social

neilPerhaps you’ve been there. Doing something you really love to do with a friend who’s equally passionate about it. You forget who said it first. “I really wish someone would build a decent website, with all the good stuff, where people could chat and share.” Before you know it, you’re scribbling on napkins. “Do you think we can find a way to… ?

That may not be exactly how it played out for billiard enthusiasts Kevin Venclauskas and Keith Brinton. However it may be portrayed in the sequel to, “The Social Network,” here are a couple of guys whose passion for pool helped them create a site that is social and fun. We’ll let Kevin tell you all about

“Billiard enthusiasts are by nature a very social group of people. We recognized the value of pool players being able to connect with others who share their interest for the game and the unique contributions that they could make in each others’ billiard experiences. Our vision was to provide a resource that would facilitate this type of networking and connectivity among billiard players on a global scale.”

“We didn’t want this site to be just another chat room environment though, or a duplication of the billiard resources that are already available on the Internet. So we envisioned an extremely fun and laid back atmosphere, where pool players could get to know each other well enough to really develop a strong community network, with unique and innovative resources and tools available for members to enhance their billiard experiences and take their game to the next level!”

“Endeavoring to develop into the mac daddy billiard resource on the web, Keith and I have incorporated cutting edge technology into our tools that set our website apart from other social networking sites. Our broadcasting page allows members to plug in their own cameras and broadcast their live pool matches for other members to watch for enjoyment or learn new techniques.”

“Members of have profiles and participate in forums, blogs and live chatting, with access to videos, articles and calendars that will feature upcoming billiard events from all over the world. Motivated by our love for billiards and our strong desire to network with others who share that passion, both Keith and I have launched an exclusive online billiard social networking site that provides a level of resources and connectivity to pool players that will revolutionize the way they interact with the billiard industry at large.”


“While we have talked about how we are going to make any revenue on the site, we have put this on the back burner for the time being. In short, Keith and I realize that the site truly belongs to our members. Without them it’s just another pretty website. So our first priority is to make one of the most interesting and exciting hotspots for billiard enthusiasts on the web. Once we accomplish that goal, then we are going to look into how we can monetize our traffic. Our strategy has always been if we can build this into a popular billiard social website, then the revenue opportunities will avail themselves down the road. Our feeling is that many companies will want to get their brand in front of 10,000 active pool players, so again building the community is our #1 priority.”