Janice Min Takes Over Billboard

In honor of vinyl, the medium that along with radio cemented Billboard‘s place in the media firmament, we’ve got an A-side and B-side for this story.

BillboardLogoThe A-side is a gargantuan press release (and mirrored article version) blasted out last night announcing that Janice Min has been promoted to co-president/chief creative officer of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media. In partnership with John Amato, formerly overseeing Backstage, her duties will now also encompass the re-invigoration of Billboard:

“The combination of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter under one editorial voice creates a true entertainment super-brand,” said Min. “I’m excited to be at the center of two organizations so influential in driving the conversation in popular culture. The breaking news, personalities and glamour — all wrapped in a sophisticated media environment – that the two brands deliver make for a thrilling combination.”

The B-side is outgoing Billboard editorial director Bill Werde’s Twitter feed. Befitting a B-side, the sounds are sweeter, more intimate:





It would have been nice if the A-side had found room for a quote of thanks and mention of Werde, who in his own way had been capably revitalizing the brand. Meanwhile, among the many questions now are: 1) How will this Min move impact the day-to-day of Guggenheim Digital Media CEO Ross Levinsohn?; 2) Will Min spend more time in New York?; and 3) What sort of staff changes will be forthcoming at Billboard?

In his piece about the big Billboard news, David Carr addresses 3) in his final para:

Asked about changes in staff at Billboard, Ms. Min pointed out that most of the employees who were at The Hollywood Reporter when she took over remained there.

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