Guardian Dudette Salutes Bill & Ted’s Excellent Anniversary

ShutterstockKeanuReevesSpiritAwards2014We love this kind of essay.

Guardian writer Hadley Freeman was a tweenager when Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure forever in 1989 altered the course of time-travel-movies history. Twenty-five years later, in a newspaper telescoped forward by its own paradigm-challenging male duo (Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden), she recalls how she was smitten from the start:

I first came across the movie in 1990, when my mother rented it for me after I announced to her that I was deeply in love with Keanu Reeves and so would probably marry him (it was the early 90s, when it was the law for every heterosexual female under 35 to be in love with Reeves.)

My mother was extremely supportive of my new relationship (my father, on the other hand, never quite mastered the pronunciation of my fiance’s first name), so when I informed her that a mere rental was an insufficient token of my new relationship, she bought the video for me for the commitment-sealing sum of £9.99. My little sister and I duly watched that tape to ribbons.

Twenty bucks for a single DVD disc!? Now that’s some time traveling, right there. Read the rest of this piece when you can, twice if you have to. Freeman spoke to co-star Alex Winter for the article; his quotes about witnessing the gnarly, global impact of the movie while in Paris and reactions when he and Reeves vacation today, together, are keepers. All in all, Freeman’s piece is nearly as much fun as watching Napoleon hit the water slide.

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