Bill Simmons Suspended from Twitter by ESPN?

Deadspin says so. And its story makes a certain amount of sense.  Simmons hasn’t tweeted since Monday, which is wildly unexpected since he is both a Boston guy and an avid tweeter. The idea of Simmons voluntarily staying quiet on Twitter after one of the most popular athletes in Boston history, Wes Welker, signed with his Patriots’ rival AFC team, the Denver Broncos, is unthinkable.

Deadspin says Simmons’ recent Twitter criticism of ESPN’s angry-sports-talking-head-show First Take is what got him in trouble.

More from Deadspin:

An ESPN source told me that the tweets violated ESPN’s social media guidelines; Simmons was told to lie low for a few days. He hasn’t tweeted since Tuesday Monday, and he’ll apparently be allowed to return to Twitter tomorrow, making it a three-day hiatus. An ESPN spokesman declined comment, and Simmons didn’t respond to an email.

Here are two tweets that got him into trouble. “Nobody won,” he wrote. “Everyone lost. Including ESPN.” Big words, and the tweets felt like a flashpoint for a show that’s used to withering criticism, but not from ESPN’s own—and certainly not from Simmons, one of the most powerful guys at the network.