Bill Simmons Opens Up About His New Site-To-Be

ESPN’s star blogger and podcaster Bill Simmons has been relatively quiet up until now about the new sports/pop culture website he’s in the process of putting together. Up until yesterday all we really knew was Chuck Klosterman and Katie Baker are on board. But as things come together, Simmons is finally starting to open up. He’s announced two more hires, Molly Lambert and Chris Ryan, and spoke with USA Today for a lengthy Q & A. Among the more interesting tidbits:

When I was growing up, I wanted to write for the Boston Globe, Inside Sports and Sports Illustrated. When I was in college, I wanted to write for The National and Spy magazine. I would have literally walked across the country barefoot to write for either of those places. When I look at the landscape now, I don’t feel like there’s a web site, or a magazine, or a newspaper like that. I’m not saying this is going to be the web site. I feel we have a chance. You have to think ambitiously with this stuff. That’s my goal: I would love for this to be the place where if you’re a 19-year old in college you look at this web site and say, ‘Some day I’m going to write for them.’

Gotta say, that site does exist and it’s called The eXiled. But we’d be more than happy if Simmons can create another one.