Grantland Founder Bill Simmons Reveals His Next Sports Site Will Be ‘The Ringer’

11 former staffers are following him there

Grantland founder Bill Simmons is finally ready to unveil his next digital venture. This morning, he announced that his new sports and pop culture website will be called The Ringer.

The Ringer will publish an email newsletter beginning in mid-March with the goal of running three times a week. The website, which is expected to launch by early summer, has a landing page where users can sign up for a newsletter that will include "riffs from our writers, and the occasional Russell Westbrook GIF."

The Ringer will be Simmons' first digital venture since he left ESPN and the website he founded, Grantland. Also a sports and pop culture outlet, it shut down five months after Simmons left the publication. At its peak last May, which was around the time Simmons left, Grantland drew 7.23 million unique monthly visitors. Many Grantland staffers have followed Simmons to The Ringer, while several others followed former Grantland editorial director Dan Fierman to MTV News.

The announcement of The Ringer comes as Simmons is also prepping his weekly HBO show. That deal falls under Simmons' newly launched company, Bill Simmons Media Group, which is run by former NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger.

Simmons will discuss The Ringer in more detail later this month on an episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast.

Former Grantland staffers at the new publication include: Sean Fennessey (editor in chief), Chris Ryan (executive editor), Mallory Rubin (deputy editor), Juliet Litman (managing editor), Craig Gaines (copy chief), Bryan Curtis (editor at large), Ryan O'Hanlon (articles editor), Danny Chau (associate editor) and Riley McAtee (assistant editor), along with Joe Fuentes and Tate Frazier. The Ringer also added Glamour's Amanda Dobbins as deputy culture editor.