Live, from ESPN… It’s Simmons’ Right!

With three weeks of quiet reflection comes, perhaps, some new wisdom.


Per New York Times sportswriter Richard Sandomir, there is a chunk of conversation missing from Bill Simmons’ Friday podcast conversation with James Andrew Miller, co-author of the recently updated SNL oral history Live from New York. That in itself is not unusual. However, the focus of the conversation that was cut and abridged with two hilarious snippets of “elevator music” is:

Nearly all of a 15-minute discussion about Simmons’ suspension was removed… Simmons said that he and his team edited that section of the podcast of his own volition, without telling ESPN what had occurred.

“If I’m going on the record about it, I’d rather do it in a real way, with permission from ESPN,” he said Friday during an interview. “That’s what we do with podcasts. We tape them and decide what stays.”

Although Simmons insisted to Sandomir that none of these removed remarks would have merited another suspension, it’s the right move. Another improvised podcast setting is definitely not the place to address the contentious HR episode. And Simmons could have easily removed every trace, rather than leave in, as he has, the ahem-trail. [42:00]

Meanwhile, there’s no better way to whet the appetite for the *promise* of tonight’s Chris RockPrince SNL episode than to listen to the full Simmons-Miller conversation. Let’s hope the November 1 sketch premises, punchlines and Cold Open chosen by the SNL writing crew do not let us down. As is now so often the case. And thanks to this latest BS Report, we are officially mourning the idea that Bill Murray changed his mind about hosting the 2014-15 SNL season opener.

[H/T: @SSmithWriter]

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