Bill Press Show Goes Noir

How chic. How Charlie Rose. Current TV’s “Full Court Press” radio program went dark this morning as Pepco killed power for the entire building where Bill Press’s studio is housed in Washington’s Eastern Market neighborhood.

Pepco says “a feeder” went out.  Press was forced to do half his show in the dark.

“In all my years of doing TV and radio, this has NEVER happened to me,” the lefty radio host told FishbowlDC. “We were talking to Karl Frisch from Bullfight Strategies and Elizabeth Wydra from Constitutional Accountability Center about gay marriage. I knew this was an explosive issue, but had no idea it would blow the damn lights out.”

All in all, Press saw the glass half full. “Hey, we lost the lights, but we kept doing the radio show in the dark,” he said. “Thank goodness for iPhone flashlights!”