Bill Press Defends Dislike of Star-Mangled Banner

God bless America. On Tuesday morning lefty radio host and Current TV’s Bill Press declared his dislike of — whoa! — the Star Spangled Banner and the wrath is still coming his way. His reasoning? He thinks it’s poorly written, has stupid lyrics and is hard to sing. “I make no apology for wanting a national anthem people can sing,” Press told FishbowlDC this morning. “Why not God Bless America? Or America the Beautiful? Or Battle Hymn of the Republic? Any one of them better than the unsingable, militaristic Star-Spangled Banner.”

On his program he remarked, “First of all, it ranges two octaves; most people can only do, kind of, one octave,” Press said on his show. “I mean when you think about it, it’s bombs bursting in air, rocket’s red glare.”

The headline slapped on The Daily Caller TV writer Jeff Poor’s story called the moment “stupid and embarrassing” and the writer remarked that it “probably won’t win him any fans on the right.”

Since voicing his dislike of the song, a frothy mix of Wisconsin recall emails and notes from other angry souls has rolled into Press’s mailbox.

Here’s a sampling…

Subject line: You make me sick.

  • “Get the hell out of the country you liberal traitor.”

Subject line: nah, nah, nah, nah

  • “Ha Ha Told you! We won because we have the lord Jesus Christ on our side. As Scott Walker won last night, Mitt Romney will crush the illegal, non-citizen (Obama) and anyone who stands in our way, including the likes of you, you infidells!!!”

Subject line: Star Spangled Banner

  • “You are everything that true Americans despise.  Those of use who have given life and limb for you to spout your stupid words wish you moved to anothe rcountry who hates us, you un-American piece of garbage. PS:  take Danny Glover and Sean Penn with you.”

And our favorite…

Subject line: You, You Bastard

“So you hate the National Anthem.  Fuck you you ignorant liberal son of a bitch.  I hope you die a horrible death SOON.  Now you know why so many people HATE LIBERAL FOOLS LIKE YOU.  YOU MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE.”