Bill Plaschke Takes On Donald’s Sterling’s ‘Black History Month’ Ad

Finally, someone at the LA Times had the guts to stand up and say the obvious: Clippers owner Donald Sterling‘s ads in their paper are ridiculous and even offensive.

In his most recent column, Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke takes Sterling to task for his Sunday ad in the paper, which purports to celebrate Black History Month by allowing 1,000 “underprivileged” kids in to tonight’s Clippers game for free.

Writes Plaschke:

Is Donald Sterling saying that the only underprivileged children are black?

The other problem is the date of the “Black History Month” giveaway, which is March 2 against Houston. If you are going to honor that month, get the right month. For the last 35 years, Black History Month has been celebrated in February. …

Once again, in trying to buffer his image, Sterling has stained it.

Plaschke couldn’t get Sterling to comment, but he did get this quote from a Clippers spokesman: “This event is another successful well-intentioned effort on the owner’s part to ensure that we give something meaningful back to our community. It’s as simple as that. That’s what matters. Parents will accompany their children at no cost and hundreds of families will benefit.”

One nugget of info Plaschke didn’t share was how much his paper was paid to run the ad.

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