Bill O’Reilly Threatens NY Times Reporter

"I am coming after you with everything I have."

Bill O’Reilly is always angry about something or someone. That’s his schtick. Without his passionate rants — that typically have zero logic behind them — he’s nothing. So when The New York Times pressed O’Reilly on allegations that he “embellished” war reporting from earlier in his career, he had no choice but to go overboard. His tactic was to threaten a Times reporter.

O’Reilly told the Times’ Emily Steel that if he found her reporting to be inappropriate, he would seek repercussions. “I am coming after you with everything I have,” O’Reilly said. “You can take it as a threat.”

The Fox News host had to react this way. This is the Times, after all. The epicenter of the liberal media machine. And Steel was questioning his career. If O’Reilly didn’t promise a severe counterattack, the Fox News audience would have eaten him alive.

O’Reilly has built his career on whipping viewers into a frenzy. He could not show any weakness, especially to the Times. O’Reilly knows that the piranhas he helped create only have one way of reacting to blood in the water.

(Image: Flickr/The Hudson Union Society)