Bill Nye the Secular Guy

Creationists are not going to like this answer.

For the April issue of Men’s Journal, contributing editor Sean Woods spoke with Bill Nye.

The always cheerful TV personality recalled being inspired as a boy by the 1965 World’s Fair in New York. And when Woods asked if religion plays a role in the 59-year-old’s life, Nye answered:

“Not anymore. I was brought up Episcopal and I gave it a shot. I read the Bible twice when I was in my twenties. Then I realized the people who wrote it knew nothing of people in China. They knew nothing of first Americans. They were just playing the hand they were dealt. Also, women are not treated very well in the Bible. It made me skeptical of the whole thing. I gave it a shot, I really did. I’m pretty confident that humans made the whole thing up.”

“Seriously. But when it comes to “Is there a God or not?” I’m the first to point out you can’t know. I’m agnostic. You can’t prove there’s a God or not. I accept that. Some people find that very troubling. I find it empowering and cool.”

Via another Men’s Journal Q&A by Woods in 2012, Barney Frank started out by revealing the man who changed his life: Pope John Paul II.
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