Bill Murray Tells Charlie Rose About the Oscar Speech He Would Have Given

BillMurrayCharlieRoseLast night’s full-hour conversation on Charlie Rose was as entertaining and memorable as we expected.

The first classic moment occurred about ten minutes in, when Rose observed that his guest’s trajectory seemed to have been “not a carefully thought out, well-planned life.” Murray was genuinely gassed by the observation, laughing heartily and deadpanning that no one has ever been quite this compassionate towards him.

A little later, the actor explained that because of his sons’ lives, he currently makes his home in South Carolina. Though he didn’t choose to relocate there, the actor explained, he now loves it. “The people are kind, the place is beautiful. It’s easier than being a parent in New York; being a parent there was quite a bit harder.”

There was confirmation during this supremely pleasing chat that it is indeed great to get to work and-or play with George Clooney. Murray says The Monuments Men production was “the lightest set I’ve ever been on” and noted that wherever Clooney’s house is usually ranks as an easy, good time.

Finally, while we could highlight a number of additional interview moments (including a warm shout-out to the Maitre D’ and staff of the Lincoln Center location of restaurant The Smith), we will leave it with just this final one. Murray talked about being nominated in 2003 via Lost in Translation for the Best Actor Oscar prize, and the no-notes speech he had planned to give if awarded.

MurrayJohanssonLostinTranslation“I was going to say, ‘You know, when I heard I had been nominated with – [and I would name the other people] – I thought I had a pretty good chance.’ I just thought, no one had ever given that speech.”

“It was great. [At that time] I didn’t have agents, I didn’t have managers. So I wouldn’t have had to give that ordinary speech… I would just go out and entertain. I always figured, if you’re on a TV show where there’s a billion people [watching], show up and do something, OK? Give those folks in Bombay something…”

Prospective major-category winners at this year’s derby, please, PLEASE take note. What the world needs is not another long list of played-off thank you’s.

Meanwhile, can you imagine how great the close-up camera reactions might have been from Sean Penn, Sir Ben Kingsley, Jude Law and Johnny Depp if Murray had said this? It would have ranked as a 100% effective antidote to the boring trope “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” An instant-classic clip of Murray essentially joking: “I don’t like you. I really, really don’t like you!”

Bottom photo courtesy: Focus Features

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.