Bill Murray & C-SPAN: A Match Made in Heaven

Actor Bill Murray says he bores easily. So then what does he prefer to watch on TV? C-SPAN, naturally.
From the August issue of GQ:
GQ: So what the hell do you watch, then? Sports?
Murray: I watch sports, I watch movies, Current TV on the satellite-I kind of like that. Honestly, I’m just easily bored. C-SPAN can be really great. Like the night Obama won the election, C-SPAN was the greatest. There were no announcers, just Chicago. It was just that crowd in Grant Park, and it was just fuckin’ jazz. ou know, it was just wow. And that’s my town, you know? It was just: “Oh, my God, it’s gonna happen! [getting genuinely excited] It’s gonna happen!” You just saw the pictures of it, like, oh, there’s someone from the Northwest Side, there’s someone from the South Side, someone from the suburbs. It was the most truly American thing you’ve ever seen. [pause] Oh God, I get jazzed just thinkin’ about it. I don’t know anyone that wasn’t crying. It was just: Thank God this long national nightmare is over.
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