Bill Maher to Conservatives: Don’t F–k with the Oscars

Bill Maher isn’t too happy with conservatives right now. What did they do this time? Invade a sovereign nation under false pretenses? Gut the social safety net in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression? Strip-mine public resources and distribute them to corporate campaign donors in an unchecked series of no-bid sweetheart deals?

No, apparently they’ve been bitching about the Oscars.

It’s the Oscars this weekend, which means two things, one, I’ve got to get waxed, and two, talk radio hosts and conservative columnists will trot out their annual complaints about Hollywood: We’re too liberal, we’re out of touch with the heartland, the theater floors are always sticky, our facial muscles have been deadened with chicken botulism, there aren’t as many Goobers in a box as there used to be, and we make them feel fat. To these people, I say — shut up and eat your popcorn. And stop bitching about one of the few industries in America that still makes something people all over the world want to buy. Not to rub it in, but “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” made $400 million. And that’s a squeakquel.

Last year, Hollywood set a box office record: $10.6 billion. Sixteen billion worldwide. Not bad for a bunch of socialists. You never see Hollywood begging Washington for a handout, like corn farmers, or the auto industry, or the entire state of Alaska. Except for Kevin Smith, we pull our own weight.


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