Bill Maher Bludgeons Ben Stein and the Rest of the American Whinistocracy

bill maher fu.png

Brutal but much-needed “New Rules” segment over the weekend from Bill Maher on his HBO show “Real Time.” Maher called out actor/columnist/former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein for a recent sniveling column in which Stein bellyached about his taxes being bumped for the income he ears over $250,000 a year. Video doesn’t seem to be up online, but here’s the transcript from Maher’s HuffPo blog.

You know Ben Stein, the guy who got rich because when he talks it sounds so boring it’s actually funny. He had a game show on Comedy Central, does eye drop commercials, doesn’t believe in evolution? Yeah, that asshole. I kid Ben — so, the other day Ben wrote an article about his struggle. His struggle as a wealthy person facing the prospect of a slightly higher marginal tax rate. Specifically, Ben said that when he was finished paying taxes and his agents, he was left with only 35 cents for every dollar he earned. Which is shocking, Ben Stein has an agent? I didn’t know Broadway Danny Rose was still working.

Ben whines in his article about how he’s worked for every dollar he has — if by work you mean saying the word “Bueller” in a movie 25 years ago. Which doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it’s just that at a time when people in America are desperate and you’re raking in the bucks promoting some sleazy Free Credit Score dot-com… maybe you shouldn’t be asking us for sympathy. Instead, you should be down on your knees thanking God and/or Ronald Reagan that you were lucky enough to be born in a country where a useless schmuck who contributes absolutely nothing to society can somehow manage to find himself in the top marginal tax bracket.

Maher calls out a few whining, billionaire-bail-out-recipient pieces of trash for good measure.