Bill Keller Tweets, Upsets New York Media

Bill Keller doesn’t tweet much, so when he posted the tweet shown here last night, people went crazy. Did anyone care that Keller was probably joking? No! Did it matter that it’s Twitter, and to a certain extent, it does make you stupid? No! Was it really even worth talking about? No!

But this is the New York media, and there is nothing New York media people enjoy more than overanalyzing the most trivial moments of other New York media people’s lives.

The Atlantic Wire collected the various responses to KellerGate, from Jeff Jarvis whiny “well the Times doesn’t tell us what to discuss anyway, so there!” reply, to David Carrs attempt to reason with Keller. It was a lot of talk about nothing.

And yes, we know, us discussing how this isn’t worth discussing makes us just as bad as everyone else. But we’re New York media, you shouldn’t expect anything better.