Bill Hader Thanks HuffPost Writer for Tribute Piece

Celebrities attending Comic-Con cycle through a ton of interviews. So much so that in some cases they’re not always sure who they’re talking to.

“Wait, are you Mike Ryan?” asked Bill Hader at the beginning of his weekend chat with the Huffington Post senior entertainment writer. When Ryan answered in the affirmative, Hader went on to pay the journalist a very nice compliment:

“The day it came out that I was leaving SNL, I came in on Tuesday, and it was a little like, “Hey, everybody.” Everyone knew, but it was still, “Oh, it was in New York Times this morning…”

“I, personally, was feeling a little weird. And it was nice: Rob Klein, one of the writers, showed me that nice thing you wrote about me. That was such a nice – because you never know. And to be honest, I have such weird tunnel vision because I don’t really read stuff.”

Ryan, in his intro, explains he had doubts about including the Hader flattery but chose to, in the end, because it also revealed the performer’s conflicted feelings about leaving SNL. Lots of other good stuff in this HuffPost piece, including Hader’s revelation that the time helaughed hardest at the Wednesday writers’ table was when writer Tim Robinson delineated a Zach Galifianakis “briefcase” sketch that never aired.

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