Bill Gates Pushes “Integrated Wireless Devices”

It’s a bit of a no-brainer. But at Microsoft’s eighth annual Strategic Account Summit, Bill Gates “spoke about a future media landscape where consumers will possess single, high-performance wireless devices, TV viewing will be more social and personalized, and kids will no longer carry textbooks,” according to this Mediaweek report.

Gates pointed out that devices today are designed as separate entities, such as an iPod, a camera, a cell phone, a laptop, and so on. We don’t know how he plans on cramming a laptop into something the size of an iPod, but we’re excited to find out–and promptly not buy it and continue to use our comfortable-to-type-on notebook computers instead.

Gates also discussed integrating ads into the Web, something that Microsoft sorely needs in light of Google’s top-performing ad model. But it’s interesting to see him push the wireless platforms. Microsoft has numerous mobile products, not to mention the ailing “Zune” portable media player. But they don’t have anything resembling the dominance in mobile the way they do with desktop PCs.

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