Hometown Editorial Boards Blast de Blasio’s Media Move

Thumbs down from The New York Times, Post.

NYPostEditorial_10_8Our headline earlier this week for an item about Mayor de Blasio’s refusal to recognize a New York Post reporter at a press conference was “De Blasio Pulls a Trump.” Today, a New York Times editorial about the matter ends with the same general sentiment.

Citing the mayor’s answer to another journalist’s question, which asked how insulting newspapers and media outlets is helping, and de Blasio’s insistent reply that a lot of people share this media “truth,” the paper opines:

A lot of people do share his view. We call them Donald Trump supporters.

Mr. de Blasio has generally been a good mayor, with good programs and a good administrative team. But he can’t plausibly continue to insist on his integrity and openness while refusing to take questions he doesn’t like. In his peevishness, he is slouching toward something ugly. There are no safe zones in politics — nor should there be.

The New York Post also has an editorial today (pictured) about de Blasio’s press conference actions. After explaining that the question Yoav Gonen never got to ask involved the city’s supplementation of teacher pensions with an annual annuity, the paper ends their op-ed this way:

He wants to change the conversation, so he attacks the New York Post. It scores some points with his progressive friends, and we become a convenient distraction.

But as his critics become more numerous, and more vocal, by the day, how many of them will be dismissed as not “real”? How small will the circle get of who is allowed to have an opinion?

Lost in the shuffle but also noted earlier by the Post. At the same Oct. 6 press conference, de Blasio also dismissed a Newsday reporter’s question.