Mayor de Blasio: ‘I Stand by the Knife and Fork’

GinoSorbilloLogoMichael Howard Saul, who covers New York City Hall for the Wall Street Journal, is toughing it this week in Italy. On the trail of Mayor de Blasio, he has filed – together with Milan-based colleague Manuela Mesco – a feature interview piece at the tail-end of de Blasio’s eight-day Italian vacation.

A highlight for de Blasio was dining on Wednesday night in Naples with that city’s mayor at a restaurant his grandfather used to frequent. In Napoli, there was also time for pizza:

Their 16-year-old son, Dante, was craving pizza, and mom and dad obliged when the family reached Naples on Wednesday. The family enjoyed pizza at Sorbillo, a well-known place on the water.

“You could pick [the pizza] up with your hands, but I don’t believe that’s the right way to do it,” Mr. de Blasio said. “So, I used a knife and fork.”

The mayor said his daughter, Chiara, held up her knife and fork to the paparazzi to show them that the family is devoted to eating pizza with utensils, despite the teasing from New Yorkers who insist pizza must be eaten with hands.

Ha ha. The WSJ article-ending statement by dad – “I stand by the knife and fork” – strikes us as a perfect opportunity for some enterprising NYC T-shirt vendor.

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