De Blasio Fork Will Be Auctioned Off for Charity

GoodfellasLogoThe so-called “Forkgate” saga has taken a new and delightful turn. Per an item by Staten Island DNAInfo reporter Nicholas Rizzi, the fork used last Friday at Goodfellas Pizzeria by Mayor Bill de Blasio will be auctioned off for a yet-to-be-specified charitable cause:

[Goodfellas co-owner Marc] Cosentino, a retired NYPD sergeant, got an evidence bag from one of his NYPD friends and put the silverware on display behind the bar. Some people have even stopped into the pizza joint just to take pictures of it, Cosentino said.

De Blasio’s PR folks may want to pay attention to another, later portion of Rizzi’s article. Forget about the charitable angle; the following may be the pathway leading away from the pizza Hall of Shame:

Cosentino said de Blasio wasn’t alone using a knife and fork to eat his slices, and it isn’t uncommon to see diners using utensils in his pizzeria.

Also, we’re now wondering what kind of person would be willing to pay big bucks for the de Blasio fork. We’d like to suggest that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show put in a bid. Just think how fun it would be for that gang to have this keepsake glass-encased and ready to bring out whenever the show is set to report on another politician’s flagrante delicto.

[H/T: New York Observer]