Bill Cosby Confounds With Nightline Interview Answers

This morning's GMA teaser did him zero favors.

In a preview of tonight’s Nightline conversation, GMA this morning broadcast snippets of Bill Cosby’s first public interview since last November’s infamous AP and NPR conversations. He spoke with reporter Lindsey Davis.

Reaction to the excerpts has been, principally, two-fold. Some are suggesting there are hints here of senility, while other outlets including TMZ (“Impossible to Decipher”) and the Daily News (“nonsensical answers”) are baffled by the general gobbledygook nature of what was shown.

Is Cosby’s strategy now to try and make people feel sorry for him? Did he consult beforehand with Andrew Wyatt of Purpose PR, or any other media relations experts, on how to approach the interview? Maybe, and apparently not.

Expect to see lots of TV news footage in the next 24 hours of Cosby marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. Cosby, who also took part in a Thursday evening fundraiser in Prattville for the Black Belt Community Foundation, is there to support the organization’s grassroots high shool education efforts.

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