Bill Cosby Goes Mobile

Performers who stand the test of time do so by adapting to their audiences. The adaptations are not in regards to how they performing, but also where they perform and interact with their audiences. I am sure when Bill Cosby began his career on a stage he never imagined that someday people would be watching him on a tiny screen resting on the palm of their hands. In the video above Mr. Cosby announces his official mobile app, which is free for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones.
I installed the Android version of the app on my Nexus S. The app, which is developed using tools provided by MobileRoadie, is very graphically appealing, with options for audio books, photos, videos, news, appearances, and a fan wall. Recordings of three of Cosby’s books, Come On People, Fatherhood, and Friends of a Feather, are included with the app, and will play as you are browsing through the other sections. Unfortunately the books are not narrated by Mr. Cosby.
If you wish to find out when Mr. Cosby will be performing in your town, check the appearances section. The app includes links to purchase tickets and view the venue on a map, as well as provide comments about the event. The Android version of the app takes advantage of the Android sharing functionality to share information about the events on Twitter or Facebook and to enter the event information on the calendar.