Bill Clinton: WSJ Ed Board “More Right Wing & Irrational Than Fox News”

Even after all these years, Bill Clinton still hasn’t forgiven the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board. Writing in the Huffington Post, Blake Fleetwood collected some of Clinton’s highlights from a recent closed conversation at the Million Dollar Hamptons fundraising marathon:

  • “The editorial page of the Wall Street Journal is even more right wing and irrational than most of the commentators on Fox News.”
  • “The WSJ editorial board began attacking a major American corporation in the US every day in the editorial page. The representative of the corporation set up a meeting with the editorial board. And he said, ‘I have brought my books here…I have never done this for anybody…I am going to show you why what you are saying is wrong.’ He got about two minutes into his presentation and the whole editorial board said, ‘wait a minute…we don’t care…we attacked you because you are supporting Bill Clinton. We don’t believe that a big American corporation should support Bill Clinton.”
  • “On the other hand, to the best of my knowledge, they never once compromised the journalistic integrity of its reporters. It was, in other words, an old-fashioned newspaper with honest reporters and honest research. I never gave a rip what their editorial page said, because I knew what they were going to say. But I read their news articles diligently. I have a democratic friend who does some business with Rupert Murdoch. I told him I would never oppose this, as long as Mr. Murdoch makes a promise not to interfere with the news coverage. “In other words, don’t do that ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox deal on the newspapers. If he leaves the newspaper alone, there is no way he can become any more ideologically to the right than the current editorial policy of the current Wall Street Journal.”

    — Neal Ungerleider