The Bill Clinton Demo

"I am a product of what is supposed to be Hillary's opponent's base."

At the top of Thursday night’s interview with Trevor Noah, Bill Clinton revealed he is a regular watcher of the current version of The Daily Show. “I am one of your older demographic,” Clinton said.

Even more fascinating from a demographic point of view is the idea that Clinton matches up with many of today’s Trump supporters:

“I am a product of what is supposed to be Hillary’s opponent’s base. The non-college educated, small town and rural, white working class. I was the first person in my family ever to go to college. I’ll probably be the last President ever to live on a small farm without indoor plumbing.”

Clinton told Noah that if he could today magically be made 25 again and someone then asked him to pick now where he would want to be in 30 years, he would choose America. He also during the conversation offered a sadder bit of demographic observation related to the nation’s spiraling heroin problem. “This is the first drug epidemic in my lifetime where the addiction rates are highest in small town and rural America,” he noted.

Clinton turned 70 Aug. 19; Noah will celebrate his one-year anniversary as host of The Daily Show Sept. 28.