Bill Clinton-GQ Contretemps Makes CNN’s Reliable Sources


CNN’s Reliable Sources took on the Bill ClintonGQ contretemps in the wake of Howard Kurtz’s Washington Post column on Friday. In the column, Kurtz spoke to GQ’s Editor Jim Nelson, who assured the indefatigable media columnist that ”Hillary didn’t kill the piece; I killed the piece … I guarantee and promise you, if I’d have had a great Hillary piece, I would have run it.”

In the program Kurtz compared the Hillary Clinton camp’s bargaining of access to the former President with GQ to that of the Hollywood quid pro quo of celebrity journalism. Anne Kornblut discussed the accuracy of that that analogy with Kurtz:

”Howard Kurtz: But do you think that this is a good example, Anne Kornblut, of the way in which the Hillary campaign can use access to Bill as a kind of weapon or a tool or a bargaining chip?

”Ann Kornblut: Oh, absolutely. I mean, this is — even his trips to Africa were used this way last year.”

Bill Clinton’s tightly-scripted seven country tour of Africa last summer generated a great deal of positive media attention.