Biking, Peeing, the Flu, and Jail

In today’s edition of taking out the trash, lots of random media news out there for this Monday afternoon, including a heavy dose of press corps’ bodily needs:

  • Sadly you can tune in tonight to watch the first ABC World News Tonight without Peter Jennings.

  • In what might be the first recorded instance of a White House reporter reporting on a fellow journalist’s urination, Bill “You Were There” Adair bikes along with POTUS and the press corps.

  • The AP’s D.C. special correspondent David Espo won one of the wire service’s nine awards for excellence this year.

  • This blogger thinks he’s cracked the magic anonymice code of Donald Rumsfeld. It might take a while to absorb this long post.

  • Over at Reason’s blog, Matt Welch lays the smack down on TAP’s Harold Meyerson

  • White House Briefing’s Dan Froomkin returns from a bout of “the flu.” Hmm. It seems like there’ a lot of “flu” going around the city this month. Amazing how a congressional recess and a five-week presidential vacation will bring out the sick in people.

  • Don’t you love articles like this? The Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal writes that ABC’s Nightline might change after Ted Koppel leaves. Or it might not. It’s really hard to say.

  • Oh, and if it’s all the same to you, the New York Times would much prefer it if Judy Miller was released from jail, thank you very much.