Biggest Loser Makes a Winner Out of Comfort-Food Chef

Devin Alexander, author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook, will appear on the reality show tonight to help get those fatties into shape with the help of … burgers? Seems Ms. Alexander has figured out how to have her onion rings and eat them, too.

She has graciously agreed to dish about the NBC show, her books and the difficulties of all things vanilla during this lunch-hour Q&A. Bon Appetit!

Q:Which contestant on The Biggest Loser gave you a run for you money in the kitchen?

A:None of them really had a chance to, but they all made it clear that Bobby could have. The Red Team was exceptionally welcoming to me. I adored Kai because she said, “You’re Tiny” (what girl doesn’t love that?) and I will always be grateful to Wylie because he complimented me and my food in the hugest way possible right in front of the producers (off camera)!!”

Q: OK. You give a healthy recipe for the Big Mac — shouldn’t people who are trying to lose weight try to avoid the Big Mac, not try to health it up?

A: Actually, on the Biggest Loser, I make an Almost Fast Food Burger which is reminiscent of the Big Mac, but much much healthier. In Fast Food Fix (Devin’s other book) I make a healthier version of the actual Big Mac that looks and tastes as good if not better than the Big Mac. (Star Jones on The View said that it tastes “better than McDonald’s”). I don’t think people who are trying to lose weight should really avoid anything forever. That’s how they get in trouble. I dieted from the time I was 8 to 15 and just kept getting fatter. My success in losing the 55 pounds I’ve kept off for over 15 years began when I stopped dieting and avoiding and just made smarter substitutions. How else do your cravings ever get met?”

Q: What’s your favorite fast food/junk food?

A: I love meaty pizzas, anything really chocolatey and drippy burgers, fries and onion rings. I will never ever give up chocolate fudge cake again.

Q: What’s your favorite bit of junk food that you haven’t been able to health up?

A:I’m currently tackling mozzarella sticks and it’s been a bit frustrating. Oh, and vanilla cupcakes. I took some remakes of Sprinkle’s cupcakes to the producers office at The Biggest Loser one day and later heard that one of them was disappointed that there were no vanilla cupcakes in the bunch. I’ve mastered chocolate, red velvet, orange, banana, pumpkin, and even a few others with less than 2 g of fat each, but those darn vanilla ones … I just don’t know.”