Bigger Losers Than You

The Business Sheet has composed a list of media big wigs that have lost the most money this year.

Oh to have loved and lost…better than never loving at all? Or something?

Anyway, spoiler alert – Sam Zell is number seven on the list of twenty-four notable losers:

LOSS: As Much As $315 Million

During last year’s LBO boom, real estate mogul Sam Zell used $8.2 billion in debt to purchase multimedia company and Cubs owner Tribune Co. The deal was largely financed by employee contributions to a company stock plan and gullible banks. In December, the $13-billion-in-debt Tribune filed for bankruptcy. Zell could lose some of his $315 million investment.

Rupert Murdoch is number three at $3.95 billion. And the rest of the ‘make yourself feel better but not really’ list is here.