BigDates Solutions’ Birthday Calendar Gets a Strategic Partner: American Greetings

While social games have dominated the Facebook platform, the birthday calendar niche has continued to do well. An app with that exact name — Birthday Calendar — from BigDates Solutions, currently has a respectable 8.85 million monthly active user count, with 368,00 daily actives, according to AppData.

It also has a new strategic partner, in the form of the giant greeting card and toy maker, American Greetings.

In the calendar app niche, psuedo-rival Hallmark Social Calendar already has a strategic partner and investor: as the name suggests, Hallmark. Those companies inked the funding, co-branding and content deal nearly a year ago, and Hallmark has since introduced its own content to the app.

The plan appears to be similar for BigDates Solutions, a company with a variety of other email marketing services as well as an iPhone version of the app.

We were tipped off about the deal, because at least some of the app’s emails and the email domain are being hosted by American Greetings. After we followed up, a BigDates Solutions spokesperson informed us that while it has not sold the app itself, it has signed a strategic agreement with American Greetings, and the two companies will cooperate on the next iteration of the app, with greeting card maker including its content. Look for it in December.

While calendar reminder apps of this sort have been around for years, and have for many people in the industry slipped under the radar, this deal goes to show that real value has been created, that traditional brands are adapting to take advantage of.