Big Update for Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon released a software update for its Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets Monday that delivers greater integration with its eBook app Goodreads and a “Second Screen” function to share movies and TV shows between the tablet and the TV.

Fire tablet users will no longer need to leave the book they’re reading to launch the Goodreads app, which the e-commerce site bought earlier this year.

The Second Screen feature will allow users to “fling TV shows and movies from your tablet to your big-screen TV,” according to Amazon.

Also included in the Fire OS 3.1 update were the following:

  • Cloud Collections to organize apps and reading materials across Kindle devices
  • Wireless printing of photos, emails, documents and other items
  • Secure Wi-Fi network access and support
  • Speech to text dictation
  • New Kindle-specific APIs to help the IT department
  • Additional accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired
  • Bug fixes, including performance and battery life improvements