Big Surprise! Howard Kurtz Enjoys Compliments

We all enjoy a warm fuzzy every so often.

But it’s unseemly to watch The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz on the receiving end of an aforementioned fuzzy. Instead of living internally with the satisfaction that a fellow human being liked something he did, he wants the whole world to know about it. So he shouts it from the Twitter rooftops. Consider him the anti-Andrew Breitbart, who retweets every filthy thing anyone ever says about him and who, at least in that respect, is more palatable.

Over the weekend, Daniel R. Reinglass, a stage manager in Deerfield, Ill. and apparent member of Kurtz’s online fan club, wrote, “Dear CNN. Please Give Howard Kurtz a nightly program. Best independent view on TV.”

Kurtz retweeted the sentiment, adding, “I’m busy enough!”