Big Journalism Launches and Hopes to Kill the LA Times

ACORN obsessed right-wingers hate ACORN and media that’s mainstream. They say so on cable news programs, best-selling books and gigantic well-funded blogs. No mainstream media for them. No way. Only ham radio and smoke signals have the truth.

Step in Drudge veteran Andrew Breibart’s Big Journalism. Patrick Frey aka Patterico hopes to help kill a dying institution, how brave. He writes in his debut post:

Like most newspapers, circulation at the L.A. Times has been plummeting for years. The paper’s parent company has declared bankruptcy. The L.A. Times now announces several rounds of layoffs every year. My spies tell me morale is basically nonexistent. The paper used to make a profit; I doubt it still does. Reporters and editors alike believe the paper’s days are numbered.

And it’s only going to get worse. We’re watching death in slow motion.

I have mixed feelings about this, because many of the individuals there are likable people. But the arrogance has to go. The disregard for facts has to go. If that means that the institution must die, then so be it.

You can help kill it, and replace it with something better. That’s what I think Big Journalism is all about.

The billionaire mogul Chairman and Chief Executive of the Tribune Company, Sam Zell is a right-wing tool bag who’s destroyed the company by mismanagement, short-sightedness and leveraging it to death and because of that he’s getting sued by his employees. So as a right-leaner hoping to “kill” the Los Angeles Times, some other righty beat you to it.

And it’s really easy, with some old journalism “mainstream media” investigation er fact-checking to find out if and how much profit the Tribune Company makes, it has share holders. But “horrible arrogant LAT makes mistakes sometimes and should die.”

But what do we know? We’re the “mainstream media.” We’ll post our desire for a correction on a cork board at the local YMCA.

LAObserved post is here. Gawker run down is here.

Found via I Want Media