Big Fish and Betable’s real-money betting now available in the U.K.

Big Fish and Betable have made good on their announced plans to bring real-money social mobile gaming to the United Kingdom. Today, Big Fish announced that Big Fish Casino UK is now available in the U.K. for iOS devices.

The game is powered by Betable, which launched launched its real-money platform in July. Betable caught the attention of many developers in the industry by providing them with an easy-to-implement API that would handle all of the back end operations necessary to run a real-money gaming operation. When the program launched, founder and CEO Christopher Griffin told us Betable’s servers were based in the U.K; because of how U.K. laws and jurisdiction work, Betable can be used by developers anywhere in the world but won’t accept bets from players based in countries where gambling is explicitly illegal.

During our interview with Griffin, he showed us examples of how Betable could bring betting mechanics to any type of game, not just casino titles, and pointed out how players could bet on the outcomes of games like Hero Academy or Words With Friends.

The United Kingdom is quickly turning into the proving ground for real money gaming, both for social and mobile platforms. In August, Bingo Friendzy became the first Facebook title to incorporate real money gaming. Since then, Big Fish and Betable announced their partnership and Zynga recently revealed it was working with bwin.part to launch “both a poker game and a suite of 180 casino games in the first half of 2013.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Inside Social Games.