Big Developers Make Faltering Gains on This Week’s List of Top Growing Facebook Games by Daily Active Users

Gains are down a bit this week on our AppData list of top movers by growth in daily average users (DAU). Otherwise, it’s a pretty average week, with the usual mix of developers, mostly large. However, Facebook removed notifications on Monday and this could be starting to affecting traffic — we’ll be tracking the impact.
PetVille, by Zynga, leads off the list. In fact, Zynga has led both our weekly DAU and monthly average user charts for several weeks with one app or another. But it’s interesting to contrast the gains the developer’s different games are making.
FarmVille, for instance, has repeatedly lead our MAU chart with millions of new monthly users, but has yet to make an appearance for DAU gains. PetVille or Texas HoldEm, on the other hand, are doing better at adding new daily users.
Anyway, take a look at all 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. PetVille 5,278,982 +548,611 +10.39
2. Zoo World 2,646,777 +528,548 +19.97
3. Mafia Wars 6,748,137 +311,777 +4.62
4. MindJolt Games 3,305,651 +287,834 +8.71
5. Birthday Cards 2,092,351 +241,275 +11.53
6. Bubble Island 244,197 +149,250 +61.12
7. Tiki Resort 249,100 +145,846 +58.55
8. Country Life 2,710,420 +144,347 +5.33
9. Is Cool 666,327 +84,634 +12.70
10. MMA Pro Fighter 87,696 +60,729 +69.25
11. Glamble 74,612 +57,290 +76.78
12. Happy Island 3,226,107 +55,365 +1.72
13. How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT 203,019 +48,025 +23.66
14. Hug Me 244,074 +46,319 +18.98
15. Friends For Sale! 574,131 +44,041 +7.67
16. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,177,174 +42,201 +0.68
17. Music Pets 50,445 +39,209 +77.73
18. 開心寶貝 613,094 +26,146 +4.26
19. Kingdoms of Camelot 228,247 +25,584 +11.21
20. Farkle 2 125,245 +24,241 +19.35

RockYou has jumped back onto this week’s list with Zoo World and Birthday Cards. The two seemed ready to take up permanent residence about a month ago, but then backslid a bit. Their gains this week are actually a recovery from an earlier dip.
While we’re pointing out big developers with uneven DAU growth, we’ll take time to mention one that’s not listed above at all: Slide. One would think that after Slide’s meteoric growth in monthly users it would also appear here, but its games — including SuperPoke! Pets, SPP Ranch! and Top Fish — haven’t been converting many monthly users to daily ones.
MindJolt Games, the catalogue of a few hundred mini-games, is yet another big app, but in its case the news is all good: both its MAU and DAU are up.

The news is also pleasant for Tiki Resort, the new island building app from Playdom, and Happy Island, by CrowdStar. The latter has been out longer, and its percentage gains are pretty slim, but it has showed up reliably for several weeks.
We’ll close out with two more apps: MMA Pro Fighter from Digital Chocolate, and Glamble. The first is an older mixed martial arts fighting RPG that never grew much, the second a new Texas Hold’em game. At the rate both are taking off now, it looks like we’ll get to see them again on our Friday list of emerging games; but even if they don’t make an appearance there, they’re probably worth keeping an eye on.