Big Day In Metro

News out of the Washington Post’s Metro Section:

  • Peter Eisner Is New D.C. Government Editor

  • Fred Kunkle to Cover Fairfax

  • Roz Helderman to Cover Pr. Geo.’s Government

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    Metro News:

    Peter Eisner Is New D.C. Government Editor

    We’re delighted to announce that

    Peter Eisner, a deputy foreign editor and author who has been on book leave, is joining the District staff as an assignment editor to oversee government and political coverage.
    In his new job, Peter will work with reporters who cover city hall and District agencies. In the coming months, he will play a key role in shaping election coverage as the city prepares to elect a new mayor and several new council members. Peter’s keen interest in accountability and investigative journalism makes him an ideal choice as the city alters its political landscape, builds a new baseball stadium and grapples with such controversial issues as affordable housing and school reform.

    Peter, a talented journalist with a long list of accomplishments, joined the Post in 2003 and has specialized in coverage of Asia and Latin America. He coordinated the Post’s prize-winning coverage of South Asia’s catastrophic tsunami in 2004. Earlier, he worked as a foreign editor and Latin America correspondent for Newsday and in the 1990s founded a business called NewsCom, an online content service.

    Peter has written four books, including,

    The Freedom Line: The Brave Men and Women Who Rescued Allied Airmen from the Nazis During World War II. He is completing work on a new book, The Italian Letter.
    Peter begins his new assignment on July 17.

    Metro News

    Fred Kunkle to Cover Fairfax

    We are pleased to announce that Fred Kunkle, currently covering Frederick County for Maryland, will move to the Virginia staff as a general assignment reporter in the Fairfax bureau.

    In his seven years at The Post, Fred has become a go-to reporter for deadline storytelling. Most recently, he told the heartbreaking tales of lives lost in the flooding in Frederick. Fred also has written complex narratives including one about Latino farmworkers, a Magazine piece about blue-collar stock car racers in Western Maryland and an in-depth look at a 1960s-era commune. He also has a knack for finding entirely unnecessary but delightful stories about M&M collectors, a goat judge, gun shows, dragsters, custom choppers, female motorcycle gangs, bull riders, and Maryland cowboys

    Fred came to The Post from the Newark Star-Ledger. He did rewrite downtown, worked as a GA in Alexandria, and covered cops and courts in Montgomery before going to Frederick. We look forward eagerly to Fred applying his considerable talent to our most populous jurisdiction.

    Metro News

    Roz Helderman to Cover Pr. Geo.’s Government

    Opening for a Loudoun Schools Reporter

    We’re pleased to announce that Rosalind Helderman will move from the Virginia staff to Maryland to report on government and politics in Prince George’s County.
    Roz brings state-level experience to her new beat, having been part of our team that covered the Virginia legislature during the past two marathon sessions. She distinguished herself mostly through her smart, analytical reporting, but is also remembered for recording 10 politicians’ wince-inducing renditions of a proposed state song for posting on

    Roz came to The Post as a summer intern in 2001, based in the Loudoun County bureau. She later took over the Loudoun education beat before concentrating on state government. During last fall’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia, Roz’s reporting correctly foresaw the decisive role of Northern Virginia’s outer suburbs in electing Tim Kaine.

    Roz grew up in Nashville, got her bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and interned at the St. Petersburg Times in 2000. She takes over one of Metro’s newsiest beats during a critical period for Prince George’s. The county is emerging as a pivotal force in Maryland politics and economic development, while its leaders try to improve the school system and boost public confidence in the police department.

    The move creates an opening for a schools reporter in Loudoun. This is an exciting and important beat, as Loudoun grows and new residents demand excellence from the school system. It also is a time of great change in education with the No Child Left Behind law and a wave of immigrants creating new challenges for the county. We are looking for a beat reporter who can probe and assess the school system’s strengths and weaknesses, and find out how the varied social and demographic trends are affecting classrooms. The ideal candidate would also have an eye for feature stories about youths and suburban culture, and the writing flair to bring those topics to life.