Big Changes At Atlantic

Tipsters tell us…

  • “The Atlantic business side staff got two pieces of huge news at a staff meeting today: 1) Elizabeth Baker Keffer has been removed as publisher and will be replaced by a person TBD based in NY. She will be running Atlantic’s events group from now on. 2) The sales and marketing function will be moved to NY. Staff who choose not to move (which looks like most of them) will receive a small severance package.

  • “Justin Smith, President of The Atlantic, has offered packages to the entire Washington sales team, unless they are willing to move to NYC where he wants to relocate most of the salespeople. Some have been at The Atlantic for almost 10 years, so tears are flowing. Also, with this major shift in strategy, Elizabeth Keffer has been stripped of her Publisher title as Justin searches for a NY based Publisher with more experience and contacts in the advertising/media arena.”