Bierut Bites the Silver Bullet

At first it seemed like Bierut vs. BusinessWeek, round two. Bierut takes another swing at BusinessWeek, who spammed him with an unsavory offer to teach him design–even if he was a non-designer. But before we open up the dark, scary vault of self-taught practitioners clawing at design jobs from below, Bierut wants us to remember that only you can determine your worth as a designer. In fact, all those ways we’ve been trying to assign value to design aren’t really working:

Graphic designers use too many different processes–those that use a process at all, that is–for any single methodology to make sense to more than a fraction of practitioners. Licensing has been discussed for years and has yet to make any real headway; there’s just no way to come up with a basic body of knowledge that could serve as a basis for determining meaningful qualifications. And simply demanding to be paid for your work is different than establishing your work’s value.

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