All Hail The King – @JustinBieber Overtakes @LadyGaga As Twitter’s Most-Followed User

It’s been an inevitability for some time now, but Canadian teenybopper sensation Justin Bieber has finally overtaken Queen of Twitter Lady Gaga as the micro-blogging social network’s most-followed user, grabbing the crown earlier today.

I know, I know. But the deed is done. Bieber’s time-of-writing 33,323,245 followers has edged Gaga’s 33,320,260 to put him at the very top of Twitter’s elite list of power-celebrities. And, as of right now, there’s literally nobody to challenge him.

Bieber’s accumulation of fans on Twitter has been remarkable. Back in April of last year, when he became the second person to reach 20 million followers, Bieber was almost two million followers behind Gaga. When Gaga reached 30 million, he’d closed that gap to less than 1.5 million fans. In November, the margin had further eased to just over a million. And now, a couple of months later, he’s finally number one.

Gaga has been Twitter’s top dog for years now, becoming the first person to reach 1015 2025 and 30 million followers, and there’s every chance that she might bounce back. She’s had a quiet year, after all. But given the sheer popularity of Bieber worldwide and the devotion shown by his fans, you’d have to think it’s going to be a long time before anybody else comes along who can surpass him. Indeed, if anything it’s Gaga who looks vulnerable, as she faces growing competition on Twitter from both Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Celebrity trends change all the time with new faces replacing the once-popular seemingly on a monthly basis, but I can’t think of anybody who can challenge Bieber on Twitter anytime in the foreseeable future. If anything, he’s only going to extend his lead further and further over the rest of this year, inevitably becoming the first person to reach 50, 100 and one billion followers. Bottom line? Justin Bieber won Twitter. And everybody else lost.

(Chart via Twitter Counter.)