‘Bidenisms’ and Dog Named ‘Melon’ Turn Up in International Pool Report


While you slept, Tribune White House Correspondent Mike Memoli attended press events with V.P. Biden in Sendai, Japan, the city most closely affected by the March earthquake and tsunami (see before and after pictures above).

Thankfully Biden is hardly ever boring.

They made what Memoli curiously called two “OTR” stops, but the reporter thoroughly reported each neighborhood stop. There were “Bidenisms,” an elderly woman the VP took a fancy to and a dog named Melon.

“The VP used the best and brightest of his Bidenisms, including but not limited to, ‘If I had hair like you I’d be president,’ and to the parent of a young girl, ‘No boys until she’s 30 years old.’ He gave one of the people in the group one of his ‘caps,’ with the VP seal on it.”

Another striking moment was Biden chatting up an 89-year-old woman. He called her “mother,” Memoli reported, and kissed her hand.

“‘You have a smile that lights up the whole parking lot!‘” he announces. (That’s a good thing). He says she reminds him of his own mother. ‘She has the same beautiful smile and smae beautiful eyes. When I looked at my mother’s eyes it made me feel good.’ She says to the VP that it’s the greatest gift to meet a senior American official. ‘I want a hug,’ Biden says back, ‘Would you come home with me?‘”

Memoli came across a dog named “Melon.” He’s no Bo, but he’ll do.

“We moved on to a second group, which included a little dog named Melon. Melon’s backstory: she was locked in a car for more than a week after the tsunami swept the car inland. Self-defense forces located the dog and she was reunited with her owners at the airport. Melon was yapping as the VP approached. He talked about his own dog, a German shepherd Champ, a much bigger dog.”