Bid on Ebay Now: OJ Simpson’s Non-Book Sold 100 Copies

oj_if-i-did-it_125X191.gifOur friends at GalleyCat say OJ Simpson’s cancelled book, If I Did It, sold 100 copies nationwide — including 12 in L.A.

GalleyCat Writes:
“That some copies sold instead of going back to HarperCollins’ warehouse for pulping is to be expected – and perhaps the real surprise is that so few leaked out. (Phone calls to Crum were not returned as of this writing.) But as spokesman Richard Davies to AP at the time of IF I DID IT’s cancellation. “A book becomes collectible when it’s hard to find, and this will become very, very collectible, surely worth four figures,” So congratulations, you lucky 106 – you’ve got yourself quite a rarity on your hands…”