Bible Scholar Contests Half Of New Testament

The Bible is one of the bestselling books of all time, including digital book versions, which often make the Top Grossing app lists on both iTunes and Android. It is also a book that charges people up.

The latest excitement is from renowned biblical scholar Bart D. Ehrman, author of the new book Forged, who is presenting a controversial idea that the New Testament is a forgery. has more: “‘There were a lot of people in the ancient world who thought that lying could serve a greater good,’ says Ehrman, an expert on ancient biblical manuscripts. In ‘Forged,’ Ehrman claims that:

* At least 11 of the 27 New Testament books are forgeries.

* The New Testament books attributed to Jesus’ disciples could not have been written by them because they were illiterate.

* Many of the New Testament’s forgeries were manufactured by early Christian leaders trying to settle theological feuds.”

What do you think of Ehrman’s claims?