Biased Azuki Predicts ’09 Ad Trends

Mobile media firm Azuki Systems is predicting that for 2009, mobile viral marketing will become more popular, MediaPost reports. Coincidentally, they just happen to offer a mobile viral marketing platform to enable this—who would have thought?

Kidding aside, the company also expects that mobile ad “pacing,” in which consumers agree to accept advertising in return for free content, will become more widespread, according to the report. There’s some truth to that, given the low take-up of paid mobile content services like mobile TV, despite having been available on the market for several years now.

The report said that the company also foresees an expansion of mobile ad units, with more local and in-video spots. Earlier this year, Azuki announced its new mobile media technology that creates “snack-sized” pieces of longer videos and wraps them in social networking-enabled services.

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