BGR On Mobile Privacy

A couple of weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how smartphone apps are transmitting data to third parties. I am not concerned about the information that the Journal said is being shared, but I understand why others are concerned. Because so many people use smartphones, not to mention other computing devices that have equally private information, I think its time for debate on the subject and probably some legislation.

Andrew Munchbach of the Boy Genius Report posted a lengthy article that in effect says that he doesn’t understand why people have a problem with the information that is being shared. Andrew appears to be reacting to the class action lawsuits that have been filed against Apple and Google because of the Journal’s article. BGR’s article is very long, but I think what is even more interesting are the comments being posted about the article.

Reactions range from those who agree with Andrew and have no problem, to those who say there is no such thing as privacy so what is the problem? Others want the data sharing to stop, or at the very least allow users to opt-out. I think the comments reflect differences between generations who have always lived with personal computing and those who do not. The debate is important but it needs to move from the Internet to those who affect public policy so that real boundaries can be established.