Beyond the Dead: Fight your way through the zombie apocalypse on iOS

Image via GREE

Just in time for Halloween, GREE has announced the launch of its zombie-filled RPG, Beyond the Dead, on iOS. The game sees players fighting for survival during the zombie apocalypse, which was triggered by an unknown virus. As players create a team of zombie killers, they’ll team up with other survivors to have the best chance of survival, and to learn what caused the outbreak.

Beyond the Dead is the first title from GREE’s Vancouver studio. Its gameplay is similar to card battle games, in that players can collect survivors as they explore camps, and then use those survivors to level-up existing team members to make them stronger. The better the offensive and defensive stats of the active party, the more rival camps can be cleared.

In between battles, players are asked to build a new homestead, constructing makeshift versions of necessary buildings to make things more comfortable for their survivors. These buildings include chicken coops, water towers and power transformers, and are in addition to the basic available structures, including tents and campsites. All of these buildings produce coins over time, with coins being used to train team members.

Beyond the Dead supports player-vs-player battles, or players can work cooperatively in alliances to take down a common enemy. They can even invade other players’ bases for rewards. GREE has confirmed its plans to regularly update Beyond the Dead with new content, including new characters and limited timed events.

Image via GREE

“For our first title, the team here in Vancouver set a high bar for ourselves, focusing on creating a captivating RPG experience on any iOS device,” said Steve Lin, General Manager of GREE Canada, in a company release. “We wanted to build an experience where each person in your attack party matters and gives gamers the opportunity to explore the story behind everyone on their team.

“Players can expect a deep storyline where every mission into hostile zones provides a new piece of information surrounding the infection. What caused it? Who is the team’s mysterious benefactor? Is there a cure? All the while, survivors battle hordes of the undead, hostile bandits, and others that will stop at nothing in their own fight for survival. You’re the leader of the settlement and you decide what team you’ll take into battle. Whether or not everyone survives is up to you.”

Beyond the Dead is now available to download for free on iOS. You can track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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