Beyoncé Lip-Syncs the National Anthem, Public Shrugs

So, you may have heard about the scandal of the day: Beyoncé did not perform the National Anthem live at yesterday’s inauguration. Quelle horreur! You think we’re joking, but people have been debating this online: Is she a horrible person? How should she phrase her sincere apology?

We’re not big fans or anything, but we don’t quite understand why some people think this is a big deal–and we certainly don’t expect any apologetic follow-up appearances. It’s not like she’s Milli Vanilli, who weren’t anywhere near the studio where their “hits” were produced. Even Yo-Yo Ma, acclaimed cellist who obviously could have played it live, chose not to play it live in 2009.

Still, she is a pop star, and public perception is very important to her career. We have a feeling Lady Gaga would have made a joke out of the fact that she wasn’t singing live–which is probably why no one invited her to perform.

About the performance itself: We don’t understand the need to make this simple song overly dramatic, and we don’t really understand why she made a point of removing her ear piece around 1:54 either.

But come on: anyone who objects to Beyoncé’s inflated ego probably doesn’t listen to her music anyway. We get why some people were weirded out by her attempts to trademark her daughter’s name or her decision to direct and star in her own documentary, but she is a pop star. They do this all the time. Does her success truly rely on the public believing her to be classier and more authentic than others in her line of work? (OK, that may be a valid point.)

Well, we do kind of respect Kelly Clarkson a little more for doing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” live. Did Beyoncé ever win American Idol?