Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lenox Hill Hospital Issue Statements About Blue Ivy Birth

The tale of the birthing of the Beyoncé/Jay-Z baby is the story that keeps on keeping on.

In today’s latest, we have the touching new song from Jay-Z, “Glory,” where he basically talks about how happy he is to be a dad. It’s the new “Isn’t She Lovely” with crying credits going to B.I.C. a.k.a. Blue Ivy Carter (the baby). #Glory is trending on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Blue Ivy was trending on Twitter. This was even before we were 100 percent sure that was the child’s name. Some reports had the baby’s name switched around.

The only thing keeping the Carter family from total Twitter domination is Tim Tebow’s touchdown pass.

Then we have the analysis of her name. Is it Jay-Z’s album? Beyoncé’s favorite number? MTV put an expert on the case. Or you can read one of the other 2,000 stories that pop up when you type “Blue Ivy” into Google. We’re sure Mr. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop wishes he’d been arrested another week. That baby is stealing his thunder!

Then we have the tangential angles that are being explored. The Washington Post and other outlets are going with a headline about Jay-Z “revealing” a miscarriage in the new song. But TIME says that info was already in Decoded, Jay-Z’s book, which has been out for more than a year.

Then we have the issues surrounding the possible $1.3 million wing that the new parents may have rented at Lenox Hill Hospital to keep out the paparazzi and the riff raff. The hospital has issued a statement saying that’s not true, they do have security and an executive suite that’s available to anyone, and they’re looking out for everyone’s security and privacy. But others say the rumor is true and other patients are being bothered by the efforts to separate the Carters. We must have answers!

Then, of course, we have to know what other celebs think about a member of their tribe having a baby.

“Congrats to my good friends Beyoncé and Jay-Z,” tweeted Russell Simmons. And Brooklyn Decker wants to tattoo the name on her butt. That’s definitely newsworthy.

Here’s the statement from the proud parents in USA Today. Now we will move into the next stage of this story — first pics. Who will get them? What will they pay? Will she pose in the fancy bathtub? The stories will be endless.